Sermon 2023

09/16/23-Pastor David Gardner
     "God Reads Minds"

09/09/23-Tess Teston
"Is Jesus Interested in Quality or Quantity"

08/26/23-Gayland Hagy
“The Time is Here (A Church Ready to Die)”

08/19/23-Pastor David Gardner
"Revival and Reformation"

08/12/23-Allan Reinach
"The Supreme Court Goes Postal"

08/05/23-Dillon Flannery
    "Toxic Femininity"

07/22/23-Will Baron
"For the Time Has Come"

07/15/23-Pastor David Gardner
  "Ezra Prepared His Heart"

07/08/23-Winny Boersch
"Behold I Will Do a New Thing"

07/01/23-Pastor David Gardner
    "Prepare Your Hearts"

06/24/23-Pastor David Gardner
     "Ordinance of Humility"

06/17/23-Tess Tess
"A Love That Precedes One's Choice"

06/10/23-Karen Martell
 "Praying Circles"

06/03/23-Gerald Babanezhad
      "A Generous Gift"

05/27/23-Gary Hess
  "The Law of God"

05/20/23-Alan Reinach
"Finding Jesus in an Age of Counterfeits"

05/13/23-Pastor David Gardner
"Where I Go You Know and the Way You Know"

05/06/23-Jordan Baguioso
"All Is Well That Ends Well"

04/29/23-Pastor David Gardner
 "How Did They Change?"

04/22/23-Pastor David Gardner
         "A Miracle Twice"

04/15/23-Pastor David Gardner
     "Like Launderer's Soap"

04/08/23-Gayland Hagy
 "House of Ostriches"

04/01/23-David Melilli
"I Will Not Let Thee Go"

03/25/23-Pastor David Gardner
   "Ordinance of Humility"

03/18/23-Pastor David Gardner
"Again & Again, Deeper & Deeper"

03/11/23-Tess Teston
"Transformed by Prayer"

03/04/23-Eugene Prewitt
"Lessons from Matthew 24 & 25"

02/25/23-Gayland Hagy
"The Lord's Prayer"

02/18/23-Pastor David Gardner
       "Teach Us to Pray"

02/11/23-Randy Skeete
     "One in a Million"

02/004/23-Pastor David Gardner
"Remaining Ready For Christ's Return"

01/28/23-Dillon Flannery
"Philosopher Kings versus Priest Kings

01/21/23-Pastor David Gardner
       "Do We Want Him?"

01/14/23-Dr. Calvin Taylor
"Sermon in Songs    Holy Scripture – Alive with Sounds of Music"

01/07/23-Pastor David Gardner
     "Ordinance of Humility"