The Church in Study

October 9, 2021

Website: https://ojai.adventistfaith.org




The Prayer Team meets every Sabbath morning at 9:15 am in the Fireside Room, or join us by calling:435 777-2200, ID 202077#


Sabbath School

 “Moses’ History Lesson”       Lesson 2       Tom Harkins


Church Office hours:  Tues. 10 am – 8 pm;  Thur. 10-2 pm


Speaker Today: Marco Topete

Child Dedication Today

This Afternoon: ‘Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing’ 2:15 pm


Oct. 12  Soup Kitchen & Bible Study live and/or zoom 

Oct. 16  Speaker: Elder Gayland Hagy

Oct. 16  50th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon-Jack & Erika

Oct. 16  90th Birthday for Kathy McDuffy, Vent. Church 3-5pm

Oct. 23  Speaker: Linda Vista Adventist Elem. School

Oct. 30  Speaker: Pastor Joseph Kidder

Nov.   6  Speaker: Pastor David Gardner

Nov. 13  Speaker: Elder Gayland Hagy


Sunset: Tonight 6:31 pm                    Friday, Oct. 15, 6:23 pm


Offering next week: Church Budget


Please remember to continue giving your regular tithes & offerings.  Thank you!


Tithe & Offerings can be given at:


or send to: Patty McDaniel

           Ojai Valley Seventh-day Adventist

Church in Worship

Religious Liberty         Winny Boersch


Bible Worker/Cross Trainer Report

Song Service

                            ‘Tis Love That Makes Us Happy              #579

          Introit               Spirit of the Living God                  #672

     Invocation                                              Marco Topete

     Welcome & Call to Worship                    Frank Alvidres

         Opening Hymn           Ojai Group & Congregation

                                 The Family Of God                 insert

         Children’s Story                                        Janice Hagy

        Call for Offering                                    David Melilli 

Cross Trainer/Union Designated

Loose offering will go to Church Budget


      Child Dedication         Pastor David Gardner & Elders

Ryder Jackson & Madilynn Rose Alvidres

          Congregational Song                                     #652

Love At Home

     Pastoral Prayer                                      Winny Boersch


     Scripture Reading                                    Laura Chieze

1 Kings 19:4

     Sermon                                                   Marco Topete

“Spiritual Reset”

     Closing Song                                                    #462

Blessed Assurance

     Benediction                                            Marco Topete


                We will continue with VIRTUAL services on our website.