The Church in Study

May 1, 2021



The Prayer Time Team meets every Sabbath morning at 9:15 am in the Fireside Room, or join us by calling:435 777-2200, ID 202077#   


Sabbath School (Available on the web site.)

           “Children of the Promise”          Winny Boersch


Church Office hours:  Thur. and Fri.; 10-2:00 pm; Sabbath 9-3 pm


Tuesday Evening 7:00-8:00 pm  Virtual Prayer Meeting/Bible Study; Join Zoom by going to: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9950438093

Or Start Zoom and Join with meeting ID 9950438093

Or Join by phone (408)638-0968 or (669)900-6833 and enter the Zoom Meeting ID above followed by ##


KDAR- Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor, Sabbaths at 7:30 am


Listen to Sam Pio’s radio interview with KDAR:


Send Prayer Requests to: Winny & Carol – text, call or email


Sunset: Tonight 7:41 pm                      Friday, May 7, 7:46 pm 

Offering this week: Church Budget

Offering next week: GC/NAD Disaster & Famine Relief


Please remember to continue giving your regular tithes & offerings.


Thank you from our hearts for giving faithfully to our church.


Tithe & Offerings can be given at:


or send to: Patty McDaniel 

           Ojai Valley Seventh-day Adventist

Church in Worship




     Invocation                                             David Gardner


     Welcome & Call to Worship                     David Melilli


     Special Music                                           Jack Santoro


         Call for Offering                                   

Church Budget

Loose offering will go to Church Budget


     Pastoral Prayer                                        Gayland Hagy    


          Scripture Reading                          Hyram Macabuhay    

John 16:33

     Sermon                                                 David Gardner


  “What to Say When Your Friend is Hurting”


     Special Music                                          Jack Santoro 


     Benediction                                            David Gardner



      We will continue with VIRTUAL services on our website.          

      We welcome you to join  us on line at your convenience at:    

      ojai.adventistfaith.org and pass the word to others that we are    

      still available whenever they wish to worship with us virtually.