Sermon 2019

Christmas Program 2019

05/25/19- Gayland Hagy
     "The Best Gift Ever"

12/7/19-Pastor David Gardner
 "What's a Balanced Christian?"

11/30/19-Jonathon Cherne

11/23/19-Thanksgiving Program 2019

11/16/19-Pastor David Gardner
"Questions Anyone?About Revival"

11/09/19-Pastor David Gardner
"Ready Or Not-The Latter Rain"

10/26/19-John Cress
"Redefine Your Faith" 

10/19/19-Pastor David Gardner
        "The Spirit Speaks Italian"

10/12/19-Musical Program from Vanuatu
 Commissioners benefit for El Haven

10/5/19-David Steward & Jonathan Zirkle
"The Mark Of The Beast in Action"

09/21/19-Winny Boersch
"Watching and Waiting"

09/14/19-Pastor David Gardner
   "Your Friend, the Holy Spirit"

09/07/19-Pastor David Gardner
             "Search My Heart"

08/24/19-Pastor David Gardner
    "My Most Urgent Need"

08/03/19-Jonathon Cherne
          "Shaken & Vomited"

07/20/19-Jordan Baguioso
         "Trust And Obey"

07/20/19-Pastor David Gardner
 "How Can I Find God's Will?" 

07/13/19-Will Baron
 "Watch Out That No Ones Deceives You"

            "The Yoga Of Jesus"

06/29/19-Pastor David Gardner
         "Ordinance Of Humility"

06/22/19-Pastor Calvin Gardner
"Faithful At Being Unfaithful"

06/15/19-Pastor David Gardner
          "You Shall Be Holy"

06/08/19-Maggie Reames
"Do You Know Who You Are. Child Of God?"

06/01/19-Pastor David Gardner
         "How Christian Am I"

05/25/19- Gayland Hagy
"Do You Really Pray?"

05/18/19-Pastor David Gardner
   "Hornets, Faith & Miracle"

05/11/19-Thom Harder
         "Open Arms"

05/04/19-Pastor David Gardner
         "Morning Manna"

04/27/19-Pastor David Gardner
                    "Out Of Egypt"

04/20/19-Pastor David Gardner
  "A Letter To Young Christians"

04/13/19-Pastor David Gardner
        "The Presence Of God"

04/06/19- Gayland Hagy
"Why Do We Have Communion"

03/30/19-Winny Boersch
      "Almost Home"

03/23/19-Pastor David Gardner
          "Wake Up To Prayer"

03/16/19-Pastor David Gardner
"Am I One Of The Remnant?"

03/09/19-Steve Binus
"Upcycling Undisciplined Disciples"

03/02/19-Pastor David Gardner
              "Christ The Center"

02/23/19-Jonathon Cherne
"Be Faithful In That Which Is Least"

02/16/19-Pastor David Gardner
            "Secrets Unveiled"

02/09/19-Ernst Palm
"My Story, My Surrender"

02/02/19-Pastor David Gardner
          "The Lost Parable"

1/26/19-Dillon Flannery- Valadez
          "David's Ten Trials"

01/05/19-Pastor David Gardner
    "How Soon Is Imminent?"

01/12/19-Stephanie Dawn, Dann Thornton:::Accompanist
                  "Dawn Of Hope Ministry"

01/05/19-Pastor David Gardner
              "To Do Justly"