Sermon 2018

12/15/18-Pastor David Gardner
    "Now Go To Bethlehem"

12/08/18-Pastor Calvin Gardner
                  "The Good News"

11/03/18-Pastor David Gardner
         "Our Hands Have Touched"

11/24/18- Gayland Hagy
 "Your Life Is On The Line"

11/03/18-Pastor David Gardner
                 "Who Is Worthy"

10/27/18-Pastor David Gardner
             "Secrets Of Revelation"

10/20/18-Winny Boersch
"Safe Inside The Storm"
God Can/Only Believe

10/13/18-Heidi Carpenter
      "Sowing Seeds"

9/29/18-Charles White
 "A Passion For God's Love In Jesus"
Part 1:

Part 2:

9/22/18-Eduardo Gonzalez
         "Most Difficult"

9/1/18-Pastor David Gardner
             "Your First Love"

9/8/18-Bob Wong
       "Reach Out"

9/1/18-Pastor David Gardner
 "The Reason For Revelation"

8/25/18-Bradford Newton
"The Most Important Sign Of Jesus Return That Adventists

May Be Missing"

18/18-Pastor David Gardner
"Old Testament Keys To Revelation"

8/11/18-David McDuffie
"Foundation,Treasures and What Time Is It, Anyway?"

7/28/18- Gayland Hagy
   "Benefits Of Both"

7/21/18-Amy Whitsett
 "Mission To Laos And Thailand"

7/14/18- Gayland Hagy
              "Yeah, But...."

6/30/18-Dillon Flannery- Valadez

6/23/18-Ron Martin
      "The King"

6/16/18-Pastor David Gardner
"The Coming Of The Comforter"

6/9/18-Orville Ortiz
"Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant"

6/2/18-Pastor David Gardner
 "Losing Control,Gaining Power"

5/26/18-Jason Whitley

5/19/18-Pastor David Gardner
"The Significance Of Our Doctrine Of The State Of The Dead"

5/12/18-Dillon Flannery- Valadez

5/5/18-Pastor David Gardner
         "Jesus Is Lord"

4/28/18- Gayland Hagy
"Don't Think About Doughnuts"

4/21/18-Pastor David Gardner
  "What Prayer?"

4/07/18-Winny Boersch
 "The Highway To Heaven"

3/31/18-Jonathan Cherne

3/24/18-Eduardo Gonzalez
      "God's Weird Way"

3/10/18-Danny Strever
 "Apostacy at The Jordan"

3/3/18-Pastor David Gardner
 "Many Are Invited"

2/24/18-Geof Park
 "Heaven is 'The' Party"

2/17/18-Pastor David Gardner
     "Immeasurable Riches"

2/10/18-Dillon Flannery- Valadez
            "The Glory Of God"

1/13/18- Gayland Hagy
    "I Can Do No Other"