Sermon 2017

12/02/17-Pastor David Gardner
          "Living Faith"

10/28/2017-Joyce and Keith Mulligan
       "Forward On Our Knees"

10/14/2017-Winny Boersch

9/30/17- Gayland Hagy
"Misconception Of Biblical Truth"

9/16/17-Pastor David Gardner

9/9/17-Jonathan Cherne
"His Grace Sufficient For You" 2 Corinthians

9/2/17-Pastor David Gardner
       "A Heart Like This"

8/26/17-Maggie Garret
"Older Than New"

8/12/17-Ron Martin
  "The Savior"

8/5/17-Pastor David Gardner
        "On Eagles Wings"

7/29/17-Jason Whitley
   "What Is My Crown?"

7/22/17-Dillon Flannery- Valadez

7/15/17-Pastor David Gardner
   "Like The Rechabites"

7/11/17-David McDuffie
"A Deficit Of Love"

6/17/17-Pastor David Gardner
"A wedding party and the homeless"

6/10/17- Gayland Hagy
   "Family Values

6/03/17-Pastor David Gardner
                "A Certain Sound 3"

5/20/17-Pastor David Gardner
                "A Certain Sound 2"

5/13/17-Eduardo Gonzalez
               "Oh I knew That"

5/6/17-Pastor David Gardner
                "A Certain Sound"

4/29/17-Pastor David Gardner
          "Truth Or Error"

4/22/17-Ben Whittaker
" The Waiting Father"

4/1/17-John Aitkin
 "Facts and Figures"

4/1/17-John Cress
"The Clarity Of Easter"

3/25/17-Dillon Flannery- Valadez
"Sweeter Than Honey, Stronger Than a Lion"

3/11/17- Gayland Hagy
"Hey, What Kind Of Crab Are You?"

3/04/17-Pastor David Gardner
"The Sower Went Out To Sow"

2/25/17-Alan Reinach
 "Overcoming Religious Intolerance"

2/18/17-Pastor David Gardner
       "The Gospel In Dirt"

02/11/2017-Winny Boersch
 "From Here To Eternity"

2/04/17-Pastor David Gardner
 "I Want To Be His Disciple"

1/21/17-Pastor David Gardner
  "Gone Fishing"