Sermon 2016

12/10/16-Gayland Hagy
"The House Of Ease"

12/03/16-Pastor David Gardner
"You Shall Keep My Sabbaths"

11/26/16-Pastor David Gardner
"What's So Special Abouth Sabbath?"

11/19/16-Thanksgiving Music Program

11/12/16- Eduardo Gonzalez
  "Discouraged & Afraid"

10/8/16- Danny Strever
"Salvation & The Great Controversy"

09/10/16- Gayland Hagy
      "Trust and Faith"

08/27/16- Velino Salazar
   "Guided By The Spirit"

08/13/16- Gayland Hagy
   "Are You On Probation?"

07/30/2016- Pastor David Gardner
   "Will He Find Faith On Earth?"

07/23/2016- James Lee
  "Arise And Shine"

07/16/2016- Pastor David Gardner
                    "A Living Sacrifice"

07/09/2016- Ron Martin
      "The Communicator"

05/21/16-David Gardner
"Why are there so many churches part 2"

05/14/16- Gayland Hagy
 "So You're A Christian"

04/23/16- Gayland Hagy
   "Do You Still Believe"

04/16/16- Gayland Hagy
 "Whited Sepulchers & Tuxedos"

03/26/16-Jonathan Cheme
     "The Passover Lamb"

02/27/16-Winny Boersch
            "The Voice Of God"

02/13/16-Steve Laing 
 "Our Children's Relationship"

01/23/16-Eduardo Gonzales
           "Dry Bones"