Sermon 2015

12/12/15- Gayland Hagy
 "BackStage At Bethlehem"

12/05/15--David Gardner
       "Watch and Wait"

10/31/15-Dillon Flannery- Valadez
           "The Seven Last Plagues"

10/24/15- Gayland Hagy
                   "Two Men"
(Part 2: The Man In Romans 8)

10/17/15--David Gardner
            "In His Temple"

10/10/15- Gayland Hagy
                   "Two Men"
(Part 1: The Man In Romans 7)

09/26/2015-Winny Boersch
     "The Word Of God"
(Inspired- Absolute-Final)

09/19/2015-David Gardner
               "Lift Him Up"

09/12/2015- Dillon Flannery- Valadez

09/05/2015-David Gardner
              "Jealous Love"

08/29/2015-Greg Hoenes
Sermon in Three Parts
             "Here's the Point:It's All About Jesus"
"Vigilance,Diligence,and Judgement"

08/22/2015-Lewis Walton
      "Homeward Bound"

08/15/2015- Pastor David Gardner
          "Freedom From Fear"

08/01/2015- Pastor David Gardner
                "God's Last Message"

07/25/2015- Dillon Flannery- Valadez

07/18/2015- Pastor David Gardner
     "You Can Be In The Remnant"

07/04/2015- Pastor David Gardner
               "The Lowest Servant"

06/27/2015-Bob Kroupa
      "Formed To Fill"

06/20/2015-Dennis Priebe
   "The Last Piece Of The Puzzle"

06/13/2015- Daniel Rodriguez
     "The Underground Gospel"

06/06/2015-Pastor David Gardner
                    "A Time To Forgive"

05/16/2015-Pastor David Gardner
             "What Is Your Cross?"

05/09/2015-Maggie Garrett
              "A Mother's Reflection Of God"

05/02/2015-Pastor David Gardner
                 "Who Do You Trust?"

04/18/2015-Pastor David Gardner
                 "We All Have A Testimony" 

04/11/2015-Frank Vessels
          "The Queen Of Sheba"


04/04/2015- David Melili
                   "Ordinance Of Humility"

03/28/2015- Elder Geof Park 
"Hidden Treasures in the Sheep Fold"

Pastor David Gardner
Turning Point"


03/14/2015- Gayland Hagy
                "Urgent Message"



03/07/2015- Ron Martin 
                  "The Healer"