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If you are unable to join us in person, we encourage you to enjoy the weekly message via the audio files listed here. If the message touches your heart or raises questions in your mind, feel free to contact the pastor by phone or email.

Phone: 805-640-0358

Email: davidgardnersda@gmail.com

02/15/20-Pastor David Gardner
"The Love Of My Life"

02/8/20-Geofry Park
"Only God is Our Hope and Salvation"

01/25/20-Pastor David Gardner
     "Encouragement and Prayer"

01/18/20-David McDuffie
"Preaching To The Choir"

01/11 /20-Sheldon Paris
   "Go Ye Therefore"

01/04/20-Pastor David Gardner
"Full Confidence and Bold Assurance"

Christmas Program 2019

05/25/19- Gayland Hagy
     "The Best Gift Ever"

12/7/19-Pastor David Gardner
 "What's a Balanced Christian?"

11/30/19-Jonathon Cherne

11/23/19-Thanksgiving Program 2019

11/16/19-Pastor David Gardner
"Questions Anyone?About Revival"

11/09/19-Pastor David Gardner
"Ready Or Not-The Latter Rain"

10/26/19-John Cress
"Redefine Your Faith" 

10/19/19-Pastor David Gardner
        "The Spirit Speaks Italian"

10/12/19-Musical Program from Vanuatu
 Commissioners benefit for El Haven

10/5/19-David Steward & Jonathan Zirkle
"The Mark Of The Beast in Action"

09/21/19-Winny Boersch
"Watching and Waiting"

09/14/19-Pastor David Gardner
   "Your Friend, the Holy Spirit"

09/07/19-Pastor David Gardner
             "Search My Heart"

08/24/19-Pastor David Gardner
    "My Most Urgent Need"

08/03/19-Jonathon Cherne
          "Shaken & Vomited"

07/20/19-Jordan Baguioso
         "Trust And Obey"

07/20/19-Pastor David Gardner
 "How Can I Find God's Will?" 

07/13/19-Will Baron
 "Watch Out That No Ones Deceives You"

            "The Yoga Of Jesus"

06/29/19-Pastor David Gardner
         "Ordinance Of Humility"

06/22/19-Pastor Calvin Gardner
"Faithful At Being Unfaithful"

06/15/19-Pastor David Gardner
          "You Shall Be Holy"

06/08/19-Maggie Reames
"Do You Know Who You Are. Child Of God?"

06/01/19-Pastor David Gardner
         "How Christian Am I"

05/25/19- Gayland Hagy
"Do You Really Pray?"

05/18/19-Pastor David Gardner
   "Hornets, Faith & Miracle"

05/11/19-Thom Harder
         "Open Arms"

05/04/19-Pastor David Gardner
         "Morning Manna"

04/27/19-Pastor David Gardner
                    "Out Of Egypt"

04/20/19-Pastor David Gardner
  "A Letter To Young Christians"

04/13/19-Pastor David Gardner
        "The Presence Of God"

04/06/19- Gayland Hagy
"Why Do We Have Communion"

03/30/19-Winny Boersch
      "Almost Home"

03/23/19-Pastor David Gardner
          "Wake Up To Prayer"

03/16/19-Pastor David Gardner
"Am I One Of The Remnant?"

03/09/19-Steve Binus
"Upcycling Undisciplined Disciples"

03/02/19-Pastor David Gardner
              "Christ The Center"

02/23/19-Jonathon Cherne
"Be Faithful In That Which Is Least"

02/16/19-Pastor David Gardner
            "Secrets Unveiled"

02/09/19-Ernst Palm
"My Story, My Surrender"

02/02/19-Pastor David Gardner
          "The Lost Parable"

1/26/19-Dillon Flannery- Valadez
          "David's Ten Trials"

01/05/19-Pastor David Gardner
    "How Soon Is Imminent?"

01/12/19-Stephanie Dawn, Dann Thornton:::Accompanist
                  "Dawn Of Hope Ministry"

01/05/19-Pastor David Gardner
              "To Do Justly"

12/15/18-Pastor David Gardner
    "Now Go To Bethlehem"

12/08/18-Pastor Calvin Gardner
                  "The Good News"

11/03/18-Pastor David Gardner
         "Our Hands Have Touched"

11/24/18- Gayland Hagy
 "Your Life Is On The Line"

11/03/18-Pastor David Gardner
                 "Who Is Worthy"

10/27/18-Pastor David Gardner
             "Secrets Of Revelation"

10/20/18-Winny Boersch
"Safe Inside The Storm"
God Can/Only Believe

10/13/18-Heidi Carpenter
      "Sowing Seeds"

9/29/18-Charles White
 "A Passion For God's Love In Jesus"
Part 1:

Part 2:

9/22/18-Eduardo Gonzalez
         "Most Difficult"

9/1/18-Pastor David Gardner
             "Your First Love"

9/8/18-Bob Wong
       "Reach Out"

9/1/18-Pastor David Gardner
 "The Reason For Revelation"

8/25/18-Bradford Newton
"The Most Important Sign Of Jesus Return That Adventists

May Be Missing"

18/18-Pastor David Gardner
"Old Testament Keys To Revelation"

8/11/18-David McDuffie
"Foundation,Treasures and What Time Is It, Anyway?"

7/28/18- Gayland Hagy
   "Benefits Of Both"

7/21/18-Amy Whitsett
 "Mission To Laos And Thailand"

7/14/18- Gayland Hagy
              "Yeah, But...."

6/30/18-Dillon Flannery- Valadez

6/23/18-Ron Martin
      "The King"

6/16/18-Pastor David Gardner
"The Coming Of The Comforter"

6/9/18-Orville Ortiz
"Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant"

6/2/18-Pastor David Gardner
 "Losing Control,Gaining Power"

5/26/18-Jason Whitley

5/19/18-Pastor David Gardner
"The Significance Of Our Doctrine Of The State Of The Dead"

5/12/18-Dillon Flannery- Valadez

5/5/18-Pastor David Gardner
         "Jesus Is Lord"

4/28/18- Gayland Hagy
"Don't Think About Doughnuts"

4/21/18-Pastor David Gardner
  "What Prayer?"

4/07/18-Winny Boersch
 "The Highway To Heaven"

3/31/18-Jonathan Cherne

3/24/18-Eduardo Gonzalez
      "God's Weird Way"

3/10/18-Danny Strever
 "Apostacy at The Jordan"

3/3/18-Pastor David Gardner
 "Many Are Invited"

2/24/18-Geof Park
 "Heaven is 'The' Party"

2/17/18-Pastor David Gardner
     "Immeasurable Riches"

2/10/18-Dillon Flannery- Valadez
            "The Glory Of God"

1/13/18- Gayland Hagy
    "I Can Do No Other"

12/02/17-Pastor David Gardner
          "Living Faith"

10/28/2017-Joyce and Keith Mulligan
       "Forward On Our Knees"

10/14/2017-Winny Boersch

9/30/17- Gayland Hagy
"Misconception Of Biblical Truth"

9/16/17-Pastor David Gardner

9/9/17-Jonathan Cherne
"His Grace Sufficient For You" 2 Corinthians

9/2/17-Pastor David Gardner
       "A Heart Like This"

8/26/17-Maggie Garret
"Older Than New"

8/12/17-Ron Martin
  "The Savior"

8/5/17-Pastor David Gardner
        "On Eagles Wings"

7/29/17-Jason Whitley
   "What Is My Crown?"

7/22/17-Dillon Flannery- Valadez

7/15/17-Pastor David Gardner
   "Like The Rechabites"

7/11/17-David McDuffie
"A Deficit Of Love"

6/17/17-Pastor David Gardner
"A wedding party and the homeless"

6/10/17- Gayland Hagy
   "Family Values

6/03/17-Pastor David Gardner
                "A Certain Sound 3"

5/20/17-Pastor David Gardner
                "A Certain Sound 2"

5/13/17-Eduardo Gonzalez
               "Oh I knew That"

5/6/17-Pastor David Gardner
                "A Certain Sound"

4/29/17-Pastor David Gardner
          "Truth Or Error"

4/22/17-Ben Whittaker
" The Waiting Father"

4/1/17-John Aitkin
 "Facts and Figures"

4/1/17-John Cress
"The Clarity Of Easter"

3/25/17-Dillon Flannery- Valadez
"Sweeter Than Honey, Stronger Than a Lion"

3/11/17- Gayland Hagy
"Hey, What Kind Of Crab Are You?"

3/04/17-Pastor David Gardner
"The Sower Went Out To Sow"

2/25/17-Alan Reinach
 "Overcoming Religious Intolerance"

2/18/17-Pastor David Gardner
       "The Gospel In Dirt"

02/11/2017-Winny Boersch
 "From Here To Eternity"

2/04/17-Pastor David Gardner
 "I Want To Be His Disciple"

1/21/17-Pastor David Gardner
  "Gone Fishing"

12/10/16-Gayland Hagy
"The House Of Ease"

12/03/16-Pastor David Gardner
"You Shall Keep My Sabbaths"

11/26/16-Pastor David Gardner
"What's So Special Abouth Sabbath?"

11/19/16-Thanksgiving Music Program

11/12/16- Eduardo Gonzalez
  "Discouraged & Afraid"

10/8/16- Danny Strever
"Salvation & The Great Controversy"

09/10/16- Gayland Hagy
      "Trust and Faith"

08/27/16- Velino Salazar
   "Guided By The Spirit"

08/13/16- Gayland Hagy
   "Are You On Probation?"

07/30/2016- Pastor David Gardner
   "Will He Find Faith On Earth?"

07/23/2016- James Lee
  "Arise And Shine"

07/16/2016- Pastor David Gardner
                    "A Living Sacrifice"

07/09/2016- Ron Martin
      "The Communicator"

05/21/16-David Gardner
"Why are there so many churches part 2"

05/14/16- Gayland Hagy
 "So You're A Christian"

04/23/16- Gayland Hagy
   "Do You Still Believe"

04/16/16- Gayland Hagy
 "Whited Sepulchers & Tuxedos"

03/26/16-Jonathan Cheme
     "The Passover Lamb"

02/27/16-Winny Boersch
            "The Voice Of God"

02/13/16-Steve Laing 
 "Our Children's Relationship"

01/23/16-Eduardo Gonzales
           "Dry Bones"

12/12/15- Gayland Hagy
 "BackStage At Bethlehem"

12/05/15--David Gardner
       "Watch and Wait"

10/31/15-Dillon Flannery- Valadez
           "The Seven Last Plagues"

10/24/15- Gayland Hagy
                   "Two Men"
(Part 2: The Man In Romans 8)

10/17/15--David Gardner
            "In His Temple"

10/10/15- Gayland Hagy
                   "Two Men"
(Part 1: The Man In Romans 7)

09/26/2015-Winny Boersch
     "The Word Of God"
(Inspired- Absolute-Final)

09/19/2015-David Gardner
               "Lift Him Up"

09/12/2015- Dillon Flannery- Valadez

09/05/2015-David Gardner
              "Jealous Love"

08/29/2015-Greg Hoenes
Sermon in Three Parts
             "Here's the Point:It's All About Jesus"
"Vigilance,Diligence,and Judgement"

08/22/2015-Lewis Walton
      "Homeward Bound"

08/15/2015- Pastor David Gardner
          "Freedom From Fear"

08/01/2015- Pastor David Gardner
                "God's Last Message"

07/25/2015- Dillon Flannery- Valadez

07/18/2015- Pastor David Gardner
     "You Can Be In The Remnant"

07/04/2015- Pastor David Gardner
               "The Lowest Servant"

06/27/2015-Bob Kroupa
      "Formed To Fill"

06/20/2015-Dennis Priebe
   "The Last Piece Of The Puzzle"

06/13/2015- Daniel Rodriguez
     "The Underground Gospel"

06/06/2015-Pastor David Gardner
                    "A Time To Forgive"

05/16/2015-Pastor David Gardner
             "What Is Your Cross?"

05/09/2015-Maggie Garrett
              "A Mother's Reflection Of God"

05/02/2015-Pastor David Gardner
                 "Who Do You Trust?"

04/18/2015-Pastor David Gardner
                 "We All Have A Testimony" 

04/11/2015-Frank Vessels
          "The Queen Of Sheba"


04/04/2015- David Melili
                   "Ordinance Of Humility"

03/28/2015- Elder Geof Park 
"Hidden Treasures in the Sheep Fold"

Pastor David Gardner
Turning Point"


03/14/2015- Gayland Hagy
                "Urgent Message"



03/07/2015- Ron Martin 
                  "The Healer"

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10/24/2009 - Forgiving Our Brothers

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11-28-09 - Human Nature of Christ

Can we be like Jesus? 

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